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Welcome to Annidis Corporation (pronounced Ann-ee-dis)

Eye examinations are crucial to maintaining and possibly improving your vision and systemic health. The Annidis RHA™ is a state of the art technology that allows your eye care professional to provide you with one of the best comprehensive eye examination tools available, aiding in early detection and on-going management of important sight threatening diseases. The RHA Report™ software helps your eye care professional work directly with you to manage your health.

See for yourself why the RHA™ should be part of your healthcare regimen, and why you should ask your eye care professional for the RHA™ exam today.

Why The Eye?

People generally consider eye sight to be their most precious sense. Annidis is dedicated to improving methods of preserving sight. In addition, the eye is the only area of the body where blood vessels and nerve fibres can directly be observed, giving an indication of one’s natural state of health.

Our leading edge technology enables eye care professionals to rapidly and confidently detect potential or developing problems, ensuring timely care and management if problems are detected.

Detailed cross section of the eye

Why the RHA™?

The RHA™ is a non-invasive instrument that uses multi-spectral imaging to take pictures of the retinal layers of your eye. The images are then processed using the RHA Report™ software to reveal the various layers in the back of your eye, allowing your eye care professional to assess your eye health.

Vision Associated with Macular Degeneration

“Multi-Spectral Imaging has the ability to detect changes at the layers of the RPE before anything that we know of now. So, we have the ability to find patients who have the earliest changes. That’s very significant. In addition, MSI will enable imaging of the vitreoretinal interface and help clinicians assess the effects of drugs on vitreomacular traction.”

Pravin Dugel, MD, leading Retinal Specialist, OSN Retina Board

The RHA™

Patient Comfort

The RHA™ instrument adjusts to your physical characteristics for maximum comfort and convenience.

  • More comfortable light flashes that are generally not as bright as standard fundus photography
  • The process is fast and easy. The entire exam is completed in minutes

The RHA’s™ multi-spectral imaging and patented software allow you to benefit from comprehensive high resolution image data sets which highlight key eye health features:

  • Patented multi-spectral imaging creates an extensive set of images and maps highlighting key structures indicative of your retinal and systemic health.
  • The Annidis RHA Report™ presents the image data for detailed and comprehensive analysis by your eye care professional  at the initial and subsequent visits.
  • The images and RHA ReportTM allow the eye care professional to study the data and determine the proper course of action to manage your eye health.

Ongoing Eye Health Record

Imagine making your detailed eye health record available to all your health care providers, even if you move from place to place or clinic to clinic. Record portability and standardization means that your record is available if referrals to other health professionals are required.