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Patient Management

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The RHA™ has been designed with patient care and the doctor-patient relationship in mind, enabling improved ocular and systemic health assessment. Annidis has developed this leading technology in collaboration with noted eye specialists.

Early Detection

The instrument was engineered for early detection of ocular changes that can often be seen earlier than those shown by conventional fundus cameras:

  • Scientifically designed to detect the metabolic RPE changes  associated with the development of AMD
  • Fundus imaging targets and highlights key health indicators such as deep pigment distribution and attenuation, drusen, hemorrhages, CNVM, or cracks in Bruch’s membrane.

RHA Report™

The RHA™ enables professionals to apply their knowledge and skill for improved patient assessment:

  • Instrument configuration and operation supports efficient screening to determine “at risk” patients, improving early detection while providing detailed RHA Report™ histories
  • Multi-spectral retinal imagining allows the eye care professional to visualize detailed retinochoroidal structures for an enhanced comprehensive examination
  • Tracking, monitoring, measurement and management of patient therapy efficacy is enhanced
  • RHA™ images are accepted by ophthalmologists for professional referrals

“A very easy to use design of a technology that will allow patient follow-up of retinal disorders and more timely referrals to Ophthalmology when active treatment is required.”

Bruce Jackson, MD, FRCSC Director General, University of Ottawa Eye Institute, The Ottawa Hospital

Relationship Enhancement

Intuitive, patient friendly images improve communication and strengthen relationships

  • Clear communication of assessment and treatment programs with visual evidence provided by the instrument enhance the doctor-patient relationship
  • Patients experience peace of mind in seeing evidence of their health assessment

Patient Privacy

  • Record encryption and security systems ensure patient confidentiality at all times