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Eye Care Professionals

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The RHA™, from Annidis (pronounced Ann-ee-dis) Corporation, provides eye care professionals with a comprehensive examination and assessment tool that will enhance their clinical experience and comprehension of the patho-physiology of retinal and choroidal diseases, allowing for early diagnosis, management and treatment to prevent disease progression.

Ophthalmology is changing at an alarming rate

The population is aging. With this change in patient demographics comes an increasing prevalence of ocular disease, particularly age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. At the same time every health care dollar must be stretched further. It is essential for eye care professionals to keep up with this demand for service, while providing a timely and accurate differential diagnosis to the highest available standards of care.

But now they can see the retina and choroid like never before

The Annidis RHATM allows ophthalmologists a 45 degree en face view of the retina and choroid, maximizing the differential visibility of the ocular structures through the retinochoroidal layers, identifying overlapping pathology, providing insight into early RPE changes not generally seen with any other imaging modalities and delivering metabolic and anatomical information to assist in disease detection and management.

Intelligent software helps eye care professionals diagnose and manage disease

The RHA ReportTM software is intuitive and well designed, enabling enhanced visualization of retinal structures and in depth analysis of each patient’s ocular health. An atlas of cases is included to assist new users and seasoned MSI veterans.

Work more efficiently while enhancing patient care

The Annidis RHATM integrates easily in the patient examination work flow and clinical data support is provided by a highly trained and skilled team allowing the eye care professional to concentrate on what matters most: Patients.

RHA Report™

“This technology promises to not only revolutionize clinical practice, but also greatly enhance our understanding of the patho-physiology of retinal and choroidal disease.”

Robert G. Devenyi, MD, MBA, FRCSC,FACS, DABO, Ophthalmologist-in-Chief, and Director of Retinal Services The Donald K. Johnson Eye Center, The University Health Network The University of Toronto Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences The University of Toronto

Retinal Layers Chart