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Designed for Eye Care Professionals

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Intelligent, Intuitive Design

  • Ergonomic design for both patient and operator
  • Intelligent operating systems and controls for an efficient examination experience
  • Stored instrument settings for easy set-up of returning patients
  • Simple touch screen design for operator efficiency
  • Networked to Annidis service centre for maximum utilization

RHA™ Lens

Efficient Engineering

  • Designed to work in clinic pre-test lanes
  • Maximizes operator work-flow efficiency for high clinic throughput
  • Easily integrates into current practice examination process and procedures
  • Go from patient imaging to reporting in minutes

Record Security and Retrieval

  • Secure 24/7 back up of all data available
  • High speed retrieval systems for improved clinic efficiency
  • Encrypted information for privacy purposes

Service and Technology Support Programs

The RHA is designed as a platform to support ongoing improvements as new medical discoveries become available. Annidis assures eye care professionals of advanced, proven, scientific technology that is designed as a platform to support ongoing improvements as new medical discoveries become available. By becoming an RHA™ user, professionals will also have access to the Annidis Atlas reference image database, our scientific advisory team and support resources.

  • On-site training programs at installation for rapid integration into clinic operations
  • On-going on-site and remote support of clinic staff for maximum efficiency and highly reliable operation
  • Full business hours support and service with on-site maintenance and service programs
  • Continuously improving operational and visualization hardware and software
  • Secure and managed remote software upgrades for continuously improving display and analytic capabilities without affecting business operations

The Full RHA™ System

“The Annidis technology solution is a major advancement in retinal health management and a potentially significant tool for assisting eye care professionals in the diagnosis and monitoring of sight-threatening eye diseases.”

Brian Leonard, MD, leading Retinal Specialist