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About Us

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Annidis (pronounced Ann-ee-dis) was created with the intent to improve healthcare through eye-centric products and services that help eye care professionals screen, detect, diagnose, treat and manage ocular diseases.

It is this personal and professional quest for better healthcare through a comprehensive understanding of the human eye that brought together the Annidis senior technology and management team with internationally recognized specialists and scientists in ophthalmic medicine.

Our Mission

“Create medically and scientifically advanced products and services that decode the language of the eye into intelligence that eye care professionals can apply to the improvement of patient care.”

We believe that the eye holds great promise for future healthcare solutions and we have dedicated our company to the exploration of the eye’s potential and to the creation of eye-based, systems-driven products and services that will continually improve patient care.

“The Annidis technology solution is a major advancement in retinal health management and a potentially significant tool for assisting eye care professionals in the diagnosis and monitoring of sight-threatening eye diseases.”

Brian Leonard, MD, leading Retinal Specialist

A Short History

We are a North American based company founded on scientific concepts emerging from a decade of research from leading ocular science institutions including the University of Ottawa Eye Institute, The Ottawa Health Research Institute and the University of Montreal, School of Optometry.

The multi-spectral imaging digital ophthalmoscope, the patented platform technology in the RHA™, is the result of several years of research and development by the Annidis Medical and Scientific Advisory team, in consultation with respected eye care professionals.

The RHA™ has evolved into an ocular pathology management system to aid in early detection and management of age related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.