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OD Testimonials

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Dawn M. Tuminello, OD
Orland Park, Illinois
Cleinman Member

   “As a practitioner, it is critical that I provide my patients with the highest level of care available.  Since incorporating the RHA into my practice, I have been amazed by how this remarkable new technology has expanded my view into the “healthy” retina.  I now have the ability to identify and treat disease that was otherwise not visible with my previous retinal imaging technology. I am excited to raise the standard of care for my patients, as it provides us the opportunity to work together to manage their future health care needs.”

Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO
Lexington, KY

"What has been most impressive for me is that the Annidis RHA allows me to get a complete retinal assessment of every layer of the retina including the RPE and even the choroid! It can uncover disease processes that are difficult to diagnose with other technologies, by imaging each layer it uncovers potential pathology that could otherwise be missed. It's one of the most exciting new technologies in eye care."

Dave Geffen, OD, FAAO
San Diego, CA
Vision Source

"To date, 18% of my patients screened on the RHA have had suspect areas of interest to pursue further. This has drastically increased the utility of my OCT and I am now selling 4 times more nutraceuticals."

Kerry Gelb, OD
Woodbridge, NJ
President of AllDocs

“ We strongly believe that integration of this technology into our practice will result in significantly better clinical care and treatment for our patients, higher satisfaction with clinician capabilities. The Annidis team has provided us with an outstanding customer service that is superior to any other company that we have acquired technology from. This new instrument gives the physician the capability to clearly visualize changes in the retinal pigmented epithelium, the earliest indication of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the population fifty years and older. Our patients have been extremely satisfied and impressed by the ability to see their retinal images layer by layer as provided by Annidis Multi-Spectral Imaging. I would like to congratulate Annidis for coming up with technology that has the potential of saving thousands of people from AMD related blindness.”  

Dorothy Hitchmoth, OD, FAAO
Hanover, NH

“Annidis technology allows the retina to be examined as never before. My patients deserve access to cutting edge technology that has the potential to change their quality of life. Multi-Spectral imaging of the retina provides a window to eye and systemic disease like no other instrument.”

David Frazee, OD
Richardson, TX
Cleinman Member

President Texas Optometric Association

“We have always embraced new technologies in our office; our patients expect no less. The Annidis RHA™ represents a new standard in optometric retina care. The ability, for the first time, to visualize eye disease below the surface and enhance earlier detection of AMD, glaucoma, diabetes and cardiovascular disease is of paramount importance. Earlier Detection = Earlier Diagnosis = Earlier Treatment.”

Dawn Rakich, OD
San Antonio, TX
Cleinman Member

"The Annidis RHA is by far the best imaging system we have ever had in our office.  It's retinal digital imaging allows me to see and diagnosis retina and choroid conditions that I would have never been able to see in the past.  This technology makes explaining eye conditions much easier for my patients to see and understand.  I am now able to detect and treat at a much earlier stage.  Macular degeneration, in particular, has become detectable at levels much deeper in the retina than we could ever imagine we would ever be able to see.  My patients trust me to take care of their eyes and with the RHA,  I feel that I have really raised my standard of care for them."

Dr. Sidney Morse OD
Asheville, North Carolina
ALLDoc Member

"The Annidis RHA takes retinal examination to the next level.  This powerful technology allows us to see the retina as never before. It allows us to assess both current retinal health and future retinal health. Knowing the future is critical for intervention and prevention and the RHA allows for much earlier detection and thus much earlier intervention and prevention.  Patients  appreciate that we provide new technology that allows us to take better care of their eyes.  It helps to differentiate us from any other office where they have been. Customer care and support from Annidis has been the best I have experienced from any company.  I would highly recommend the Annidis RHA to any doctor wanting to provide the highest level of care to his patients."

Sarah Swanson, OD
Sacramento, California

"The Annidis Multi-Spectral Imaging system allows me to take the prevention aspect of my practice to a whole new level and has changed the way I approach patient care.  With a majority of my patients being between the ages of 21 and 68, they are relatively young and healthy, and it is my responsibility as their eye care provider to keep their eyes young and healthy as well.  The Annidis technology allows for detection of disease in its earliest stages which leads to management and therapy to reduce progression.  For those of my patients who show no indication of early disease, they appreciate the discussions and recommendations regarding prevention and how they can maintain their healthy state.  When I learned this instrument existed, knowing what it was capable of in terms of disease detection years before traditional methods, how could I not offer it to my patients?" 

Ray Whetstone OD
Naples, Florida
ALLDoc Member

“Without a doubt this is the BEST investment I have made in my practice to date. The confidence I have in assessing a patient's retina allows me to promote the medical mode of practice that I espouse. The training was thorough, the subsequent evaluations of images have improved my interpretation of the scans making it  easy to convey that information to the patient.Thus the patient knows my choice to invest in this technology is as wise as theirs to avail themselves of this opportunity and protect their precious sense of sight throughout a life time.”

Lisa Greene, OD
Asheville, NC
ALLDoc Member

"LOVE LOVE LOVE having the Annidis RHA....can’t imagine going back to exams without it!!  These images allow me to look at the health of my patient's eyes with much greater detail than I have ever had before. As we review the images during the exam, it is a great opportunity for educating the patient on how to take care of their eyes to maintain the best vision possible throughout their life.  The patients love knowing that we are using this technology to assess and track the health of their eyes!"

Joseph Deering, OD
Winchester, MA
Cleinman Member

“The RHA is an incredibly advanced device that not only takes images of the retina, but looks through each and every layer. These are parts of your eye that have never been seen before, until now. By viewing these layers, early detection of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, vascular disease and glaucoma is possible."

Sasha Narayan, OD
Cloquet, MN
Cleinman Member

“The RHA system is a fantastic addition to our practice. Patients have been amazed by what we are able to see and diagnose with this tool. The Annidis employees are incredible! They took the time to train the staff, provided us with all of the materials we needed to educate patients and have been very quick to respond with any questions. A very worthwhile investment! "

Randall Fuerst, OD FAAO
Sacramento, CA

“Since installing an RHA in each of my clinics I have changed the way I practice. On average 22% of patients imaged have suspicious results that demand further investigation. This system has truly given me the ability to provide my patients with a higher standard of care."

Andrew Howard, OD
LaFollette, TN
Cleinman Member

“I believe this technology represents a new standard of care in retinal imaging. The ability to evaluate the outer retina requires a paradigm shift as we discover 'age related' macular degeneration so early in the disease process that we are discussing lifestyle changes and treatment plans with patients who are quite young. The Annidis RHA stands alone, but as an added bonus the service and support are unmatched. I've never experienced a company as involved or excited about training our doctors and staff, and we have access to experts who help us review the images. Adding the Annidis RHA was a sound investment that benefits both our patients and our practice."

Paul Super, OD, FAAO
Los Angeles, CA

“The Annidis RHA allows us to see into the future. Visualization otherwise not attainable, allows for early detection and better treatment outcomes.”

Brad Bearden, OD
Bellingham, WA

"The visualization of the RPE/Choroid, along with the oxy/deoxy maps is impressive & the forte of the RHA. Plain and simple, it equates to earlier detection, better management and better clinical outcome of vision preservation from macula disorders. The oxy/deoxy data maps are also impressive and assist in systemic eye disease detection, such as life threatening carotid artery stenosis."

Dr. Carl Spear, OD
Pensacola, Florida
Vision Source

"The Annidis RHA is a tremendous instrument.  It has allowed us to detect retinal pathology much earlier than we could on other equipment available today.  A tremendous value for the patients and the practice."

Daniel L. Herkert, OD
Indianapolis, IN
Cleinman Member

“The Annidis RHA Imaging System is providing our office the latest technology in early retinal pathology detection. By allowing a deeper retinal view and detecting retinal pathology sooner, we are now able to truly be a proactive rather than a reactive practice. I have been amazed in the pathology I have uncovered that up until now, I have not been able to visualize. The RHA images have become an essential tool in patient education and have enabled patients to take ownership in our ocular treatment plans.”

Jerome Sherman, OD FAAO
New York, NY

"The Annidis RHA is a Multi-Spectral Imaging (MSI) device that is emerging as the most comprehensive technology for the early detection of outer retina and choroidal disorders including all forms of AMD."